Our advisory services include business advice in regards to strategic structuring of complex business relationships, sale of business advisory, mid-market merger and acquisition consulting, financial due diligence and pre-lending reviews, independent accountant’s reports and reports on financial forecasts.

Mergers and Acquisition Services 

  • Determining and negotiating price
  • Identifying potential acquirers
  • Maximising shareholder value
  • Minimising business disruptions whilst a sale is negotiated

Due Diligence Services 

  • Fund raising and IPO due diligence
  • Pre lending due diligence
  • Pre-merger and acquisitions due diligence
  • Divestment/ vendor due diligence

Financial modelling services  

With excellent analytical skills our corporate advisory team prepares and reviews financial models for the purpose of:

  • Integrated profit and loss projections
  • Cash flow projections
  • Integrated financial models with profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow
  • Calculations of debt and finance lending ratios
  • Indicative business valuations

Forensic Services

Our forensic services include the preparation of Expert Reports and provision of Expert Witness services for court cases in a wide range of litigation matters, including Breach of Contract, Partnership and Shareholder Disputes, and Family Law. We quantify loss and damage, assess business value and investigate financial matters.

Commercial Litigation Services

  • Assessment of loss and damage due to breach of contract
  • Assessment of loss and damage due to infringement of intellectual property
  • Reconstruction of accounts
  • Tracing accounts
  • Critique of other experts reports

Economic loss quantification

Economic loss can occur where a party has suffered a loss arising from a breach of contract or warranty, misrepresentation or misleading and deceptive conduct. At CFAS, we have the knowledge, resources and experience to quantify economic loss or assess a claim for economic loss. We can also review and critique other experts’ reports.

Litigation Support

At CFAS, we understand that commercial litigation is not just about quantifying economic loss.

That is why we offer a full range of litigation support services including:

  • Assistance in formulating the claim or preparing the defence
  • Analysing and evaluating the other party’s case
  • Reviewing and critiquing the opposing expert’s report
  • Assisting with questions for cross examination
  • Undertaking industry research and presenting this to you in a summarised, easily understood format
  • Advising on different approaches to calculating loss or damage



We can assist insurance companies and insured parties in the quantification of insurance claims for business interruptions.

Family Law Services

  • Valuation of Husband and/or Wife’s shares in companies/trusts
  • Critique of other expert valuation
  • Assessment of income
  • Assessment of assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of expenditures
  • Investigation and tracing of funds

Valuations of business interests

When family dispute arises, legal professionals rely on forensic accountants to provide expert advice in the valuation of business interests.

At CFAS, our professionals have the requisite financial and accounting expertise, having valued businesses in various industries and different financial interest, be they:

  • Privately operated businesses
  • Privately owned companies
  • Parcels of shares in privately owned companies
  • Interests in partnerships and trusts
  • Superannuation benefits

It is important to us that our valuation skills are not confined to the court room. As a result, our team prepares valuations for commercial purposes (eg. acquisitions and divestments of businesses), for the public arena as well as for litigation.

In adopting this approach, our aim is to provide you with realisation valuations that can be relied upon in court. We believe that when coupled with our clear understanding of our role as experts in family law matters, you will get the best possible service.

Other family law services

At CFAS, we understand that family law litigation is not just about providing valuation services. That is why we offer a full range of litigation support services including;

  • Reviewing and critiquing other expert’s reports
  • Investigating financial dealings
  • Assisting in the completion of a person’s financial statement
  • Formulating the questions that should be asked in relation to the investigation of financial matters
  • Assisting in settlement negotiations, including advising on the financial implications of settlement proposals
  • Assisting in the preparation of financial agreements


Our valuation services include the assessment of value in a wide range of circumstances. Valuations are performed in sale of business, minority share sales, capital gains tax purposes and partnership or shareholder disputes.

Valuation Services

  • Determining value for mergers and acquisitions
  • Valuation for tax purposes
  • Valuation for litigation

Valuation Reports

Our valuation reports are tailored to our client’s requirements. Detailed reports provide a concise summary of the business and its industry, a justification of the valuation methodology and an explanation of all important assumptions, or a concise executive summary.

We perform valuations for the following reasons:

  • Negotiating a merger, acquisition or divestment
  • Tax and stamp duty reasons
  • Financial reporting purposes
  • Corporate reconstructions
  • Commercial disputes
  • Business interruption insurance claims
  • Economic loss calculations
  • Employment disputes